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Sacred Cow Forums _ Sacred Cow News _ Kevin Booth on Alex Jones

Posted by: KevinBooth Dec 28 2015, 06:05 PM

On Tuesday, December 29th, film director Kevin Booth, having recently returned from filming in Turkey and Bulgaria, will be in Austin for a live on-air interview on The Alex Jones Show. He will be joined via Skype by Turkish Counter-terrorism expert Dr. Ahmet Yayla, who appears in Booth’s new film. Since being interviewed for the project, Dr. Yayla has had to flee Turkey and go into hiding after ISIS learnt about his interviews of defected ISIS fighters. Although Booth’s new untitled film is still in production – Kevin will premiere a few minutes of out-takes due to the urgent nature of Ahmet Yayla’s situation with ISIS. Booth's new film is over a year in the making. The project has brought Booth and his team of American, British and Bulgarian filmmakers throughout Eastern Europe in service of exposing corruption while searching for answers to some of today’s most complex political, economic and
social issues. This new film, which marks a notable evolution in the production quality, scope and budget of Booth's previous films, will be released in 2016.

Listen for free at noon – or watch for free on You Tube – 24 hours after original broadcast.